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Commissions are open!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 12, 2013, 6:29 PM
  • Listening to: 'The Humbling River' - Puscifer
  • Reading: Doctor Who: Dark Horizons
  • Playing: Dragon Age II
Well, it's been a while, hasn't it?

As it has a way of doing, real life got in the way and derailed things before they could properly begin commissions again. I know some of you were all ready to send me details of what you wanted and for letting you down, I can only appologise. However, the slate is now clean, and I'm ready to start this very second.

Naturally I can't take an infinite number of commissions, so you might have to wait a while depending on how many I end up recieving. But I'll keep you posted on stuff like that. Also important to note is that I might recieve commissions through tumblr as well, so fellow deviants aren't the only people in the queue.


  • $40 for a single character
  • +$15 for each additional character
  • +$15 for a complex background

I will NOT draw

  • Pornography - I know it might seem I sail pretty close to the wind on this one, but I'll never cross the line into outright porn. Sexual scenes are fine, even when it's obvious what's going on, but I won't actually show anything going on, if you know what I mean.
  • Bestiality - non-human characters are fine, but I draw the line actual animals.
  • Tali'Zorah vas Normandy - just don't ask.

I WILL draw

  • Original Characters - so long as you provide me with plenty of details on how you want them to look, or previous art people have done of them, that's all good. This also includes custom player characters - Shepards, Hawkes, etc.
  • Any and all existing fictional characters.

NOTE: I reserve the right to refuse any commission for whatever reason I choose - I've been burnt one too many times in the past by just accepting whatever people threw at me. Thanks Tali.

Feel free to message me with any and all questions or if something on here isn't clear. Hope to hear from some of you soon, especially those of you who were interested last time.

My art on tumblr


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Doctor-61 Featured By Owner 19 hours ago
May I make a two sided AU of entangled? In it Hermione is approached by one of my agents and given a choice of (because of lard ass umbridge) transferring to Beauxbatons and thus able to receive visits from Fluer any time she wants, or in the second side of it where she doesn't take that offer is given an apartment like commander shepards on the citadel where they can spend their nights in each others arms. Basically it's one of those what would have happened if she chose this option things. Ssssssooooooooo, may i?
Doctor-61 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
When will the next chapter of entangled come out
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Many years ago today, something grew inside of your mother...........THAT THING WAS YOU!!
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